Finally a bow to buy an outfit for!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Small Stacks

I love ribbon! I think the funnest part of my job/hobby is designing. I love putting different patterns and color combinations together. I haven't had to much time to design lately because we are so busy preparing for upcoming boutiques. So.... yesterday I took some time and came up with this little cutie. One of my favorite ribbons is the 3/8 gingham, I add this to several of my small stacks and I think it gives the bow a fun look. One of the most difficult things I have to do is come up with clever names for these bows to make them unique. I have had a few ideas come to mind, then I had a great idea.....Why not let you help me? So.... hop on over to facebook if you have an account, and leave me a suggestion, or you can do it here. If I pick yours, the bow is yours. Let me know what you think!


jabeybaby said...

What an adorable bow! How about the happy flower stacker.

Judi said...

Lili says we could call it "a bow!"
So, feel free to use that if you want, can't think of any clever options, but I think that is one of the cutest bows ever!!! You continue to amaze me with your magic ribbon abilities!

Tonya said...

It reminds me of a county fair! How about "At the Fair"? It is an adorable bow!