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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Cute Is this....

My little Goose loves to help. I have told you that before and you can generally see her little fingers in the tutorials etc. Well after a trip to our favorite ribbon shop, from which we have purchased a grab bag: Goose loves to roll the ribbon. She is so fun to work with, and acts so grown up. I think she was waiting for me to take a picture and didn't realize for a bit that I was recording. It turned out cute. She certainly loves to be involved in the Hair Bow Stuff!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Flower Clips..The tutorial!

Here is what you will need to make a darling flower clip. You can use a lighter instead of the wood burner (if you do not have one). Just be really careful....Please.

Remove the back end of the flower, the part that holds it all together.
I used to painstakingly glue each petal stack together so it would stay when I attached it to the clip. But I have a better way:

Take your wood burner or lighter and hold it to the plastic in the middle. This will of course melt it.

Working quickly, use your needle nose pliers or another flat metal surface to flatten out the melted plastic.

These are my little Goosie's fingers. She loves to help! But knows not to touch the "Green thing." EVER. (That is what I call my wood burner) :)

You will now have a flat surface where you can add your lined clip. And it will lay nicely instead of NOT. And by melting the plastic center the flower will not come apart and you do not have to glue each individual layer.

The finished product.

Absolutely adorable in piggies or attached to crochet headband which you can find at...


Shamrock Korkers! A square korker tutorial

Here is the list of supplies you will need to make our shamrock korker hair bows:
wooden dowels
clothes pins
ribbon (I love to "kork" 1/4 in. ribbon)
wood burner
glue gun
needle and strong thread (I use DMC Floss)
lined alligator clips
a little bit of time :)
Attach the ribbon to one end of the dowel with the clothespin, tightly wrap the ribbon around the dowel. I am using square dowels and it is very important to get the ribbon as tight as possible. (I love the square Korkers, the turn out so cute. They do take a little extra time)
As soon as your dowels are ready, put them on a baking sheet and place them in your oven for about 25-30 minutes at 250 degrees. Now this works perfectly for me and the korkers stay korked. You need to watch them, however. Nobody likes burned ribbon. :)
Let them cool, and very carefully unwrap them. HINT: If you choose to use round dowels the unwrapping will be much easier.

Now I couldn't take a picture of myself cutting the Korkers with my burning tool, that would have either been extremely dangerous, or I am not that talented....yet. For these particular bows I just eyeballed instead of measuring the ribbon out. For a set of 2, divide the ribbon into 2 piles.

And begin loading your needle. Place the middle of the ribbon length right through the needle. HINT: Load the entire korker on the needle before you pull it through, it will be so much easier to tie off and the Korker will look a lot better.

Here I have finished loading both needles and am ready to tie off. BIG HINT: When you take the thread through the top of the Korker, put the needle under the top ribbon onto the second in the stack. This will ensure you do not pull the thread all the way through and have to begin again. Just added security.

I was going to add the shamrock ribbon to the clips, but I ran out of time. I love the polka dots, and nobody will see them.

The finished product. I love the squares and the rectangles. So fun and different. These just might bring in the Luck O the Irish!

Easter Headband Tutorial

This year for Easter I am doing something a little different than the regular Easter Hair Bow we normally do. I love this little flower headband. My little girls love it too. It is so simple and fun, you could do it together! List of supplies

Glue gun --I love my low temp glue gun it works just as well and I still have all the skin on my fingers. :)

Wood burner or lighter


ribbon covered headband (I chose Polka Dots just for fun!)

your choice of flowers

flower clip tutorial

After following the directions for the flower clips, minus the clips. You will have flat flowers that will lay very nicely on the headband.

Find the middle, I like to use a clothes pin. No marks, and they will help with the spacing. Super fast!

Glue a flower on both sides of the pin.

Add clothes pins to the sides of those 2 flowers and glue 2 more flowers on and.....

You are done. How easy was that? The flowers are evenly spaced and of course they lay nice and flat.

She wanted to put this one on the moment she saw it.

And there you have it. Our cute Easter Headband.

Flower and Pearl Clips

Here is what you will need

low temp glue gun




cute flowers

glass pearls I got these at Hobby Lobby (I love Hobby Lobby)

Cover your clips with the velvet-I use velvet for the no slip grip. It stays put! Remove any of the extra flower parts- we will only be using the petals

I like to flatten the surface after I attach the flower, the pearls will sit nicely if you do not skip this step.

Almost done...

Normally I am opposed to glue showing, a little will poke through after you attach the beads, nothing terrible. As long as you don't get crazy. Add your pearls (quickly) and your done!

I think they turned out adorable. Wasn't that quick. This is the perfect time to be on the lookout for the spring branches at the local craft stores. You will certainly be able to find some cute ones. I like the pearls too! The possibilities are endless, a clip for every outfit. Super Fun. If you make them, let me know, I would love to see em!
I am working on the dress up tutorial....it is on its way! Stay tuned