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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Little Braids n Stuff!

Needless to say Meg was not in the mood to have her hair done today. She loves it, "down, just down." I insist on a lovely hairdo if she is going out and today she had piano lessons. I parted her hair down the middle (harder than it looks) and braided both sides. With a small curling iron I curled the ends, then brought them up and attached with an elastic the bottom of the braid to the top. Pretty simple, which works for me! I pulled the curled hair around the elastic so it would curl over just right. Added some bows and curled her bangs. She wasn't thrilled, I thought it turned out great and so did her piano teacher! :) The first thing she asked when she got in the car was when she could take it out. Reminds me of this. Everyday. Happy New Year!

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Judi said...

Super cute Jen! She is such a girl, I made the mistake of telling Lili that we have to take out her pony tail so she doesn't get the "little hairs" and now she wants her hair out all the time. Crazy!