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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Goose Do

Oh the dilemma. What to do with hair. I have no talent for hair do-ing. This is why I do hair bows. To cover up my skills or lack thereof. The goose likes braids. I can't braid, french braid anyway. I am told I braid backwards, and all the people I love, who could teach me to french braid-braid forwards (or the real way) So they claim it would just be impossible. Poor Goose!
So here is what we do. I start with wet hair.

And go up the sides with those fantastic stretchy ponies that don't pull their hair out.

A few on one side, a couple up the other...

One piggie to hold them together

Then I blew her hair dry and sectioned it so I could use the triple barrel on it

a couple minutes later, because it is so nice and thin :(

Voila . Curling it this way makes it look like she has so much more hair than she really has--not to mention we are growing out the A-line. I loved it on her but she would like long hair now.

Add a hair bow and we were set! This is an example of the streamer hair bows from the shoppe. She loves this hair bow. It makes her feel like a princess. The Streamers are so fun and you can use them whether your princess has long or short hair. Just trim up the ends to the desired length, don't forget to seal up your ends. And you're set!

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Judi said...

What happened to the link? I am trying to link your giveaway and it's no where to be found. Help me, I want to win the dress and bow!